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High Tech Investors

About Us

Joe (left) and Bob (right) have been business partners for almost 40 years.  We have founded and operated a number of businesses including a group of radio stations in New England, telecom tower portfolios, online news sites, digital audio companies including a sales rep firm and creating the standard for measuring internet radio, as well as in vehicle data analytics.  In addition to investing in early stage companies through Angel Street Capital we have personally invested in many more early stage companies.  We typically invest in series seed rounds.  What we like:

  • audio ad tech

  • SaaS b2b

  • telecommunication towers

  • tech enabled services

  • information technology

  • fintech

  • marketing and advertising technology

  • digital infrastructure

What we do not invest in:

  • healthcare

  • manufacturing

  • consumer products

  • renewable energy

What do we look for in the teams we back:

  • Founders who listen

  • Founders who are creative, innovative and most importantly understand and have a track record of perseverance.

  • Founders that are thoughtful and have a sense of humor

Angel Street Capital, LLC Team

Joe Gallagher

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Bob Maccini
Managing Director

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Investment Portfolio

Our Companies

Following is a sample of our portfolio companies 

DK logo.png

Draftkings, Inc. - Exit through IPO

Our Unicorn

Angel Street Capital invested in DraftKing's first external equity raise.  One of the founders of DK had worked at one of our prior portfolio companies and we believed in the management team and opportunity in fantasy sports.  Little did we realize that betting would be legalized.

Sharetown logo.png

Sharetown, Inc. - Active Investment

Best Pivot

Sharetown began with building technology for local used goods marketplace and recognized the problem of returns for big and bulky items.  They pivoted and began picking up used mattresses from major online retailers through a developing rep network who also resold those items locally for Sharetown.   

VS logo.png

Voltserver, Inc. - Active Investment

Inventor of a new class of power

Voltserver is the inventor of digital electricity or what has recently been approved by the National Electric Code as Class 4 Power or Fault Managed Power Systems. The voltage can be up to 450V AC or DC which sounds dangerous. However, these systems intelligently limit the amount of energy that can go into a fault. Limiting the fault energy mitigates the risk of shock or fire.  Applications include telecommunications, indoor agriculture, data centers and others.


GoLocal, LLC - Active Investment

Rhode Island online news site

Go Local, LLC operates the leading Rhode Island based online news site.  


Flex Engage, Inc. - Exit through sale

digital sales receipts

An enhanced digital receipts solution, offers retailers a post-sale opportunity to communicate with their customers. flexExchange’ enriched receipts build customer loyalty and drive sales, while allowing retailers to monitor spending habits and shopping trends. .  The company was sold to Klarna a Swedish fintech company

2018 final logo.gif

Drive Time Metrics, Inc. - Active Investment

audio date from vehicles

DTM holds six patents for obtaining and analyzing media data from connected vehicles.   This data can be used for audience measurement, ad attribution, song analysis and many other applications in media advertising.

Fundation Logo.png

Fundation, Inc. - Exit through sale

online small business loans


BSCP IW Holdings, LLC - Exit through sale

data center

The search agency.png

The Search Agency - Exit through sale

SEO/Digital Marketing Services


Global Net Access - Exit through Sale

data center


Live Radio - Exit through Sale

Streaming Audio in Vehicles

RAIN news.png

Rain News - Exit through Sale

Digital Audio Online News and Conferences


Placester - Writeoff

Real Estate Websites and Services


Closely - Exit through Sale

Local Digital Marketing

Angel Street Capital
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